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 Large Pool: Our large pool is on community grounds and the depth ranges from  3 Feet & 3 Inches to     6 Feet & 4 inches deep! Lounge chairs and tables can be found on the patio surrounding the pool. Small Pool: Our small pool boasts a breathtaking view of the ocean! Come sit back, relax, and enjoy paradise! Boat Ramp: Open for all residents to use! Library: Located in the clubhouse, the library is open to all residents. Gym: A Universal workout machine is available inside the clubhouse during operating hours.  
Seaside Resort    Condominium
10’ X 30’ 10’ X 35’ 10’ X 40’ 12’ X 40’
Open Activity Area: In the clubhouse there is an open space room, perfect for use for meetings, exercise classes, dancing, or other spacious activities
These rentals are based on availability.
Storage: Lot storage areas are available for rent in the following sizes:
Recreational Area: On the community grounds, a bocce court, a shuffle board court, as well as horseshoes stakes are available for all residents to use.  Picinic tables and umbrellas are also provided on the recreation grounds.